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Town of Saratoga makes it to the top five for the best drinking water in the nation

Via the Wyoming News Exchange

SARATOGA (WNE) — Success never tasted so good. 
Saratoga recently competed against all 50 states in the National Rural Water Association’s Annual Rally in Washington D.C.and finished in the top five at the 25th Annual Great American Water Taste Test. 
Saratoga has often made it as a top finisher in the state and earned its way to represent Wyoming in the final five taste-offs. 
“One judge might like one taste better than the other,” said Chuck McVey, Supervisor for the Saratoga Water Department, “but as far as changing anything in the system, the system just keeps working and groundwater just keeps getting better every time we use it.” 
Emery Penner, public works director, explained how the water department’s system works. 
“Our water system is well set,” Penner said. “It is a consistent operation and the groundwater that is produced is pumped into the system. It is not chemically treated except using a little gas chlorine so the product is pretty much the same year after year.” 
This story was published on February 23, 2024.

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