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Teton County Rep. Yin digs into Honor Wyoming

JACKSON — Honor Wyoming, a self-described “grassroots organization dedicated to upholding integrity in our political

Wyoming lawmakers slow walk wolf policy reform

Governor's inner circle on wolves presents tight messaging on incident.

Teton County sees increase in DUIs

JACKSON (WNE) — Law enforcement officers accustomed to a quieter shoulder season say they’ve been busier than expecte

Who is Honor Wyoming?

JACKSON — Rep. Andrew Byron first heard his integrity as a public servant was under fire in early April.

New tools available to solve cases of missing and murdered Indigenous people

JACKSON — Officials in every branch of Wyoming government and law enforcement are trying to create new tools to solve

National Elk Refuge will stake out the future of feeding; legal challenges all but certain

Outfitters lawyer up, preparing for a fight, as refuge decides whether to keep feeding elk.

Property tax estimates nearly even

Assessor says residential estimates are flat thanks to new legislation.

Green groups push federal government to ban 'yote whacking' on public land

JACKSON — After a Wyoming man allegedly abused a wolf in Daniel, setting off international outrage, environmental gro

Griz 399 emerges, may have gone south

JACKSON (WNE) — Nobody knows for sure where a bear thought to be Grizzly 399 has roamed after she and her cub emerged

Man injured, arrested, after harassing bison

JACKSON (WNE) — In the first report of a visitor being injured by a bison this year, a 40-year-old Idaho Falls man al

State property tax refund program applications open


Grizzly found, killed in the Bighorns

JACKSON — Wyoming officials on Sunday detected a grizzly bear living in the Bighorn Mountains, a range 100 miles east

Elk antler poacher fined, loses hunting privileges for 3 years

JACKSON (WNE) — Just weeks before the legal antler hunt season on public lands opens May 1 for Wyoming residents and

Wyoming lawmakers eye wolf policies in wake of alleged animal cruelty

JACKSON — Following international outrage over alleged wolf abuse in Sublette County, Wyoming officials are examining

Death threats roll in as wolf abuse investigation proceeds

JACKSON — Sublette County is usually a quiet community of about 9,000 people.

Secretary of State urges approval of new voter registration rules

JACKSON — Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray urged the governor Tuesday to approve new election rules that would r

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