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Sweet Taste of Entrepreneurship

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RJ Morgan with the Douglas Budget, via the Wyoming News Exchange

Big turnout as numerous youth create one-day lemonade businesses for inaugural contest

DOUGLAS — When staff at The Enterprise had the idea to add a lemonade contest to Jackalope Days in Douglas this year, they wanted to make it more than just a sip and vote kind of event. They wanted to give the kids the challenge and taste of entrepreneurship – and that mission was a complete success.

Nearly a dozen youth lined the corner of S. 3rd and Oak streets not long after sunrise June 8 with their one-day business. No two lemonade stands looked the same as they were the vision of each youth brought to life for some friendly competition.

From themes and catchy slogans, to salesmanship and presentation, every lemonade stand was a literal treat. So were the stories on how the day ever became a reality.

Visitors were thankful for the variety of tastes.

“We have never done something like this before. It was so fun deciding how to make it look,” said Alexys Stilwell of Glenrock, who wore a lei as she served up lemonade and brownies complete with decorative umbrellas.

Stilwell teamed up with Spencer Smith to create a lemonade stand with a tropical vibe, like an instant getaway to Hawaii.

“This is fun. She helped make the lemonade too and we have brownies. Want one?” an enthusiastic Smith asked.

The young entrepreneurs didn’t dream things up overnight. Some took the needed time to bring to life the perfect setup.

“I started thinking about our lemonade stand right when I heard about this at Jackalope Days. I started my blueprints first and then it started to come together in a couple of weeks,” said Josilyn Price, who had her friend Tristan Hoffman handy to help construct the perfect stand.

Just like all the other entries, their lemonade stand was impressive. Decked out in lemon-shaped and decorative balloons, their location offered cookies, mini donuts and even two lemonades from which to choose.

“We made two lemonades to give people a choice,” Price said. “There is the usual lemonade and we have strawberry lemonade made with real strawberries floating on top — and it’s been the most popular.”

As the temperatures warmed throughout the morning, so did the desire for more lemonade.

A steady flow of guests mingled among the selections trying as many as they could before voting.

“This one is good. It’s a little sweet, though,” said 13-year-old Kaiden Shatto who tasted his first cup which came with a fresh slice of lemon along the rim. “Actually, it’s good. Real good. I have to try some more, though.”

This story was published on June 12, 2024.

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