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Dixon Brothers Trucking

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5093 U.S. Highway 16, Newcastle, (307) 746-2788

When Jim Dixon launched Dixon Brothers Trucking 64 years ago, few would have predicted that the venture would grow into a company that employs approximately 160 people that work out of 11 different terminals located in five states.

The recent completion of the attractive new headquarters building on the eastern edge of Newcastle is just one of the signs of the continued growth and improvement, as is the addition of a Denver terminal in the fall of 2015. Dixon purchased another Colorado trucking company in the summer of 2021. 

A small business started in Weston County has become a major cog in the economy of the entire region, and Dixon Brothers operates more than 120 trucks and 300 trailers, hauling gasoline, diesel, propane, jet fuel, cement, asphalt and chemicals. Since Dixon incorporated the company with his brother Jerry in 1961, the company has kept pace with changes in transportation and the regulations that govern the industry through management that has allowed Dixon Brothers to grow consistently.

Through all of the expansion and improvement, Dixon Brothers is still just as much a family business as it was half a century ago. Jim’s son, Jimmy, and daughter, Suzette Miller, have taken over the majority of the management tasks, and Jim’s grandchildren are employed at Dixon Brothers as well. In 2010, the Wyoming State Legislature recognized the contributions made by the family and company to both the industry and the state.

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