Sheriff suggests new security system

Alexis Barker, News Edtior

Sheriff Bryan Colvard wants to increase security at the Weston County Courthouse and the Weston County Courthouse Annex by installing a response system through AEGIX at both locations. He proposed the system to the Board of Weston County Commissioners on Oct. 17. 


According to Colvard, the system would allow county employees to put an app on their desktops, tablets, work cell phone or personal cell phone that will allow for an alert at the push of a button. This will notify the Weston County Sheriff’s Office that there may be a problem. 


“It will notify us that something is going on, and it also tells us where it is going on,” Colvard said. 


The program would also provide a floor plan of the particular area, the ability to pinpoint the location to a specific area of a building and the ability for employees to provide updates or details on situation specifics. 


Colvard said that the program could be tied into the courthouse’s camera system through Golden West, the county’s technology support company. This will allow responders to tap into the cameras and assess the situation while responding to the scene. 


The system’s use is not only limited to law enforcement situations, Colvard told the commission. He noted that it could be used for fire and other emergencies. 


Commissioner Vera Huber, who attended a presentation on the system, added that the county would have the ability to customize the system to have different alert settings depending on the situation. She noted that this would help responders to know if the situation is an “all out emergency” or simply a disgruntled person causing a scene or scaring other customers or staff. 


“I would like to see it happen in the schools (also). I am working on that right now. This proposal is just for the courthouse and annex,” Colvard said. 


The annex, Colvard said, was his main priority when he began looking at the system. 


“They have nothing down there (security),” he said, noting that Weston County Emergency Management coordinator Gilbert Nelson had gotten staff at the annex a radio in case of emergencies. 


With a cost of $4,382 annually for the courthouse and $1,895 annually for the annex, Colvard acknowledged that the system is spendy for smaller entities such as Weston County. 


Because of this, the company told Colvard that it would take $2,000 off the cost of setup and he said that he did not know how long the offer would be good. Without the discount, the cost would be $4,000 for both buildings. 


The main question before the board makes an official decision on whether or not to purchase and use the system, according to Chairman Ed Wagoner, is where the money would come from. County Treasurer Susie Overman agreed that while she thinks it is a good idea, the issue comes down to money. 


At this time, Colvard said the funds could not come out of his budget unless funds were added to it. 


“I don’t think we are at the point of making a decision today,” Wagoner said. 


Colvard suggested that maybe department heads could sit in on another demonstration of the program before the board further discusses the system. 


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