Landfills projects will get leftover monies

Alexis Barker, News Edtior

Landfills in Weston County — the Upton Landfill, Newcastle Landfill and Weston County Solid Waste District — will split roughly $93,498 in leftover County wide Consensus Grant funding currently held by the state after the Upton City Council, Newcastle City Council and Board of Weston County Commissioners verbally agreed to use the funding for landfill projects. All three boards will sign a joint resolution that will be submitted to the state to earmark the funding. 


The consensus grant, according to the Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments website, is grant funding for counties to construct, replace or improve fixed asset or public service facilities and major building and facility repair and replacement. It notes that routine maintenance and repair does not constitute a capital project. 


The grants, the website says, are authorized under Chapter 32 of the State Loan and Investment Board’s rules and regulations. 


Commission Chair Ed Wagoner first brought the money to the attention of the county commissioners on Oct. 3. He reported that the money, awarded for the 2016-17 budget, was originally earmarked for solid waste projects and needed to be earmarked for future projects or it would be returned to the state’s general fund. 


Wagoner proposed that the three local boards use the funding for landfill projects because both Upton and Newcastle are looking at landfill closure projects and the county landfill is currently in the process of constructing a new landfill. He noted that each entity would get roughly $31,000 to put toward grant match funds and that he would approach each board to present his proposal. 


On Oct. 17, Wagoner reported to the commissioners that he had approached both the Upton Town Council and Newcastle City Council to discuss the consensus funding and that both councils agreed on earmarking the monies for upcoming landfill projects. 


Wagoner noted that now a resolution will be prepared and signed by all three boards to be sent to the state. The resolution will formally earmark the funds for Weston County projects, saving the money from potential return to the state’s general fund. 


“When this came up, I was really excited to hear about it,” said Councilman Tyrel Owens, who had attended the Oct. 3 commission meeting.

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