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Top Tips To Help You Maintain Your Car’s Resale Value

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Every driver should take steps to ensure their car maintains its resale value. Learn some helpful tips for retaining your vehicle’s value here!

For many people, their car is one of the most valuable assets they own. So it’s only natural that they do everything they can to retain the value of their vehicle. Below, we offer some top tips to help you maintain your car’s resale value!

Drive Conservatively

The first step drivers can take to keep their vehicles in valuable shape is changing how they drive. It may seem like common sense, but drivers often get too aggressive with their driving style and end up abusing their cars and decreasing their value.

Driving conservatively isn’t just about speed; it’s also about engine revs and avoiding obstacles while driving, including potholes, debris, and curbs. Maintain a slow and steady approach to driving, and your car’s components won’t wear down as quickly and require costly repairs.

Proactive Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to the lifespan and long-term value of a vehicle. Proactive maintenance, which involves servicing your car before it exhibits signs of stress or wear and tear, ensures your vehicle runs in top shape for longer.

The critical maintenance every car needs regularly includes:

  • Oil changes every 5,000 miles
  • Tire rotations every 5,000 miles
  • Fluid flushes (transmission and power steering fluid) every 30,000 miles
  • Changing the air engine filter every 12,000 miles

It’s also wise to keep your service records and any documentation of repairs for your vehicle. If you can provide documented proof that you’ve been taking quality care of the car for years, future buyers will feel more comfortable in purchasing the used vehicle.

Regular Cleanings Inside and Out

Another tip to help you maintain your car’s resale value is to keep it looking, smelling, and feeling clean inside and out. While cosmetic appearances may not seem as important, it’s often one of the first things a buyer will notice and is a sign of how well you take care of your vehicle.

Regular washes and waxes will ensure the car's exterior and paint job stay protected and don’t fade over time. Also, frequently vacuum and clean the inside to keep the upholstery from staining, cracking, or smelling.  

Protect the Interior

The interior is one of the key aspects of a car’s resale value—after all, it’s where drivers and passengers spend all their time! You’ll want to protect the interior of your vehicle, which means no eating, no pets, and no smoking.

Keeping an air freshener in the glove box is a handy way to keep your car smelling fresh and eliminate any awful odors before they linger and stain the interior. Taking measures to keep your car fresh may seem precise and obsessive, but a funky-smelling interior can plummet a car's resale value, so you should try to protect it as best you can.

These are just a few helpful tips that will ensure your vehicle doesn’t lose its value during your ownership. As long as you drive sensibly, stay ahead of the service schedule, and keep it clean and protected inside and out, you should have a vehicle that holds onto its resale value for years to come!

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