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After a seventh-month battle for the right to raise backyard chickens, fowl fans were granted their wish by the Newcastle City Council, which officially adopted the ordinance after its third reading on Dec. 5, 2022. The ordinance was approved on all three readings, with councilman Don Steveson as...
Newcastle City Council Meeting, Monday, Nov. 7, 2022, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, Wyoming.

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Cindy Rhoades and her husband JD have served as chicken superintendents at the Weston County Fair for several years. Recently the couple attended the Newcastle City Council meeting to discuss the potential for backyard chickens. 

As the Newcastle City Council continues to work on a proposed backyard chicken ordinance, Mayor Pam Gualtieri asked J.D. and Cindy Rhoades, the poultry superintendents at the Weston County Fair, to attend the Sept. 6 council meeting to explain the difference between raising chickens in backyards...

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An American Wyandotte Chicken, showing at the Weston County Fair, is a popular show bird with breeders. They are used for eggs and meat, according to

The battle over backyard chickens continues as the Newcastle City Council wrestles with creating a new ordinance at the Aug. 15 meeting, where a proposed ordinance was met with conflicting views.  Jennifer Proffer, who supports adopting a backyard chicken ordinance, expressed her frustrations with...
After discussing the issue of backyard chickens at a public meeting on May 25, Newcastle City Councilman Ty Owens made a motion on June 6 at the council meeting to research and then adopt a backyard chicken ordinance.  “Most of the council people felt like, after the public meeting, this was...
Chickens once roamed the backyards of Newcastle until the City Council outlawed the ownership of livestock and fowls, which includes domesticated chickens, within city limits several years ago, according to City Ordinance Chapter 4, Article I.  A growing group of community members have been...
Standing true to his campaign platform, Newcastle Councilman Tyrel Owens proposed that the City of Newcastle explore allowing backyard chickens in city limits. The city will be holding a town hall to discuss the topic on May 25 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers.  The presence of negatives, from...

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