Jim Darlington



Just whistle past the graveyard, and you’ll have a happy day;

No need to concern yourself ‘bout what’s happenin’ half a world a way.

Just whistle past the graveyard, tweet a happy little song;

If you just stay blind and deaf, there’s nothing could go wrong.


Just keep on a whistling, and there will be no trouble,

Even if the Commander in Chief is off more than half a bubble.

Just whistle all the night and day, and never watch the news,

Then you will never come up with any contrary views.


Just whistle past the graveyard, then you won’t have to wonder,

Why things are going south so fast, with each political blunder.

Whistle right on past the tombstones, and walk a little faster,

Then maybe you’ll be able to ignore the latest man-made disaster.


Just keep on whistlin’, stay in your happy place,

Then instead of frowning, you can keep a smile upon your face.

Please keep on whistling folks, only pay attention to what is local, 

And if you’ve thoughts about the rest of the world, don’t ever make them vocal. 


-Jim Darlington 8-18-2021


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