What’s the reason for snooping?

Doug Jorrey, LTC, USA (ret)

To the Editor:

Before I discuss aggressive poll watching by the Weston County Republican Party, let me first establish my bona fides. For my entire adult life, I have been a registered Republican. For a significant part of that time, I had to vote by absentee ballot because of my military service. When I moved my family to Weston County in 1996 I was delighted for the opportunity to actually vote at a polling place. I was also impressed by the efforts by four county clerks and their army of volunteers to make the election process smooth and secure. Each of those clerks, to include the current clerk, were women of high integrity and professionalism.

It is for that reason I question the aggressive poll “snooping” by the county Republican Party. What problem are you seeking to remedy? Are the voters of Weston County electing too many Democrats? Don’t think so. In the 26 years that I have been a resident of and voter in Weston County I have found the voters of this county to be reliably conservative and Republican, just like I am. 

I do not understand the reason for this political drama, but maybe the NLJ can investigate the source of the drama.

As for this registered Republican, I suggest that poll watchers just watch. Do not insert yourselves into the voting process. Do not be looking over my shoulder when I sign in to vote, or mark my ballot, or insert my ballot into the ballot reader.  


— Doug Jorrey, LTC, USA (ret)


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