Tranparency is in the public’s best interest

NLJ Staff


ransparency in government is always best, and this should always be the ultimate goal of any elected official. Whether building a new game station, fixing roads and bridges, or voting to replace a new state representative, the public wants — and deserves — transparency from their
government and the officials representing them. 

Despite the as yet unclear statutes regarding the voting process used by the Weston, Goshen and Niobrara County commissioners while selecting JD Williams to replace former Rep. Hans Hunt, the public should be concerned and question why these individuals, that are elected to serve you, feel you do not have the right to know who they voted for.   

The commissioners are elected to represent you, not themselves, and they should feel the obligation to be transparent to their constituents. 

Votes made by elected officials are public for a reason, so the voters can determine if these officials are representing their best interests. 

Conducting government business in an open and transparent manner really is in the public’s best interest.

 What will they vote for in secret next? 



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