Tips for Making Theater Stages Look More Attractive

Tips for Making Theater Stages Look More Attractive

Theater stages should be an eye-popping part of the venue, whether the actors are present or not. So, if you run a theater that’s beginning to show signs of wear-and-tear, don’t worry; you can swiftly spruce the stage up with a few helpful tips. When you’re ready to make improvements, read these essential tips for making theater stages look more attractive.

Light It Up
You should always show the theater in the best light, literally. Before the show, good lighting creates a warm atmosphere, making it easy for audience members to find their seating. However, during the show, creative lighting can help you draw the audience’s attention to the performers on stage, whether they’re putting on a play, dancing, or doing another form of entertainment entirely.
Either way, if you lack sufficient lighting or need to upgrade bulbs, lenses, and other pieces of equipment, it’ll be well worth the effort. Suffice it to say, if the lighting in your venue is more akin to Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride—and you’re not putting on a spooky production—the word “inviting” won’t pop up in visitors’ heads.

Consider the Seating
One of the best tips for making theater stages look more attractive is considering all seating. In other words, ask yourself this question: How does the stage look from all angles? Before making any improvements, analyze it. Doing this will help you narrow down any issues, whether the props are too small or the lights aren’t enhancing the stage as well as they should.
Big and small theaters alike must make every angle look deliberate and creative. So, before and after making changes, take a quick temperature check by sitting at various spots in the theater, seeing how everything is coming together, and making further adjustments as needed.

Update Your Curtains
If you’re working with old curtains, it’s time for an upgrade. Although the audience comes to see the evening’s entertainment, theater décor can still hinder the viewer’s experience. For instance, one of the most important factors for choosing stage curtain fabric pertains to how the lighting interplays with the curtains. After all, the curtains are a focal point in the room when they’re down. Therefore, they should look good. If your curtains appear ragged, find a fresh, clean, new fabric to bring the room together beautifully.


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