Things To Know Before Pursuing a Firefighting Career

Things To Know Before Pursuing a Firefighting Career

The people who work as emergency responders are considered everyday heroes for a reason. The ability to brave danger and serve selflessly is an achievement itself, and if you’re considering a future in emergency services, you should be commended. In particular, there are a few things to know before pursuing a firefighting career.

Earn EMT Certification
Because firefighters respond to a majority of emergencies, fire or otherwise, it’s necessary for them to be certified as EMTs before applying as a firefighter. This enables you to respond to medical emergencies and apply first aid so that patients are stabilized until they can receive proper attention. An EMT certification will not only make your application stronger but will also reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend training as a recruit. If you want to go a step further, enroll in a paramedic school after your EMT training. Paramedics are in high demand in many departments, and such expertise will always be valued.

Enroll in Fire Technology Classes
Fire technology classes are a wealth of knowledge that will familiarize you with the basics and more. These classes are designed specifically to teach you things to know before pursuing a firefighting career, such as how fire behaves, fire prevention techniques, personal firefighting equipment, tactics and strategies, and more. This will be the best way to prepare, as the recruit academy has a limited time to spend on training and will not be able to give you as thorough an education as fire tech classes will.

Prepare Your Background
Like any employer, a fire department will investigate your background when considering your application. This part of the process trips up more people than you’d think, so get your necessary documentation together beforehand to ensure the process goes by as quickly and smoothly as possible. Details the department will look for include:

  • Past employers and positions
  • Educational background
  • Certifications and licenses
  • Credit history
  • Driving records
  • Military experiences

Having this documentation on hand will not only make the process quicker for you but shows that you’re capable of being prepared rather than scrambling at the last minute. It will inspire more confidence in your abilities and reflect better on you.


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