Things To Consider When Buying a New Tractor

Things To Consider When Buying a New Tractor

Investing in new agricultural equipment comes with a hefty price tag, but these pieces of heavy-duty machinery play significant roles in the nation’s farming, supply, and demand. There are several critical things to consider before you take the plunge and buy a new tractor. Let’s take a closer look at some key notables and how to navigate this potential purchase and expense.

Preferred Transmission System
There are two main types of transmission systems to choose from, so it’s essential to know the core difference to make an informed decision. Tractors operate on either a hydrostatic or shuffle shift transmission, and each offers benefits depending on varying demands.

  • Hydrostatic Transmission. A hydrostatic transmission will enable a user to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other on the joystick. This can help aid in the process of quick reverse or forward drive modes.
  • Shuffle Shift. The shuffle shift transmission is easier on tractors where a consistent speed is necessary because you will set the range and gear then use the clutch to make directional changes.

Tractor’s Hydraulics
There are many components to a tractor that will play a role in the hydraulics. One of the most significant pieces of information is ensuring you understand the type of fluid your potential tractor will need. If you buy a used tractor from 1974 or older, you will need to invest in 303 fluid. If you buy a new tractor, you will need high-quality hydraulic fluid that supports premium, modern technology.

Tires and Wheels
It’s vital to your job demands that the tractor’s tires can withstand the needs. Ensure the tires have excellent tread to keep up on varied terrains and confirm they are built for any weather condition. As an extra support, you can fill the tires and wheels with a tube sealant to coat the interior and ensure they hold up. This layer of protection can help extend their performance.

Support From the Supplier
When you invest in a new tractor, you want to have on-demand access to support. Even though you may hold enough knowledge to maintain its performance, the equipment is new to you and may come with learning curves. Partner with a supplier who you know and trust so when things come up post-purchase, you have immediate access to professionals.

Enhanced Rollover Protection
You must invest in rollover protection any time you take on a new tractor. If the tractor does not come with this added asset, ensure you shop around or ask the supplier for their suggestions. A rollover protection plan is an emergency-use type of plan, but it can protect your equipment—and you—in case the tractor flips and damage occurs.
With all the things to consider when buying a new tractor, ensure you allocate enough time and energy to safety and continued support. Generally, a new tractor will serve you well and help you keep up with agricultural demands.


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