Simple and Affordable RV Renovation Ideas

Simple and Affordable RV Renovation Ideas

RV life is increasing by the day as family dynamics shift and the workforce navigates remote waters. The emergence of tiny living tends to decrease budget sizes and provide more experiences. Without blowing the new budget, let’s look at some quick and easy steps to upgrade your new home on wheels.

One simple and affordable RV renovation idea is to paint. Starting over with colors that reflect your needs and wishes for your RV transforms the small space into a cozy tiny home.
Consider painting areas like the dinette, walls, and cabinetry. If you’re unsure of the design direction you’d like to go in, white paint is safe and creates a clean look. You can also refinish hardware and give the metals an update if the RV is older. Plus, you can always change your mind later when your budget permits.

Kitchen Updates
Updating the kitchen doesn’t have to be the downfall of a tight budget. Replacing the faucets and door-pulls after painting the cabinetry brings the kitchen up to date with current design trends without much effort.
A few other things that can change the space dramatically include adding a DIY backsplash and updating the countertops. Traditionally speaking, these two projects alone can cause financial strain, but since it’s such a small area, consider doing it as a simple DIY project.

Everyone’s favorite part of their home is decorating and bringing the space to life with pieces that reflect their personality. In small spaces, you don’t want to go overboard and crowd the room. Think about functional pieces like pillows and throw blankets. Maybe use command strips for securing a few family photos.

If you’ve decided on an older RV, you will want most of your budget to go into maintenance and upgrades. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is not exactly convenient nor safe. Like with our everyday transportation, we need to check our RV batteries and replace them as they age.
Don’t rush out and buy the first RV you see—you don’t want a lemon. But do consider these simple and affordable RV renovation ideas and trust that a bit of creativity goes a long way. Some easy DIY projects and a dash of personality bring your RV home to life. Where will your first adventure be?


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