RV restrictions to remain in force

Alexis Barker, NLJ News Editor


City: New ordinance increases safety and ability to remove snow. Residents’ concerns noted but ordinance stands.


On Nov. 7, the Newcastle City Council reviewed an ordinance regulating the parking and placement of recreational vehicles and trailers on public property within city limits after members of the public had concerns and questions about the local law. 

Passed, adopted and approved on Sept. 19, the ordinance amended Section 16-35.1 of the Newcastle, Wyoming, municipal code. The
ordinance makes it unlawful “for any person to park, leave, place or let stand on any public street within
the city or town or on any municipal city parking area, any recreational vehicle or trailer during the months of September 15th through May
15th. Temporary parking shall be allowed for a period not to exceed two (2) hours.” 

Anyone who violates the ordinance is subject to a $25 fine for the first violation and $50 for the second violation in a year. The ordinance notes that each day a violation continues may constitute a separate offense. 

According to Mayor Pam Gualtieri, some residents have asked about the ordinance. One questioned whether a work trailer was allowed, and another suggested that the city revisit the ordinance to allow for public comment, she said. 

“They would like this to come back to the council so that more people can attend for the three readings,” Gualtieri said. 

The ordinance was first approved by the council on Aug. 15. The second reading of the ordinance was approved on Sept 6. 

Councilman Ty Owens, a former city employee, said that he thought the ordinance was needed and would make snow removal easier. 

“I thought it was a positive ordinance to pass. I travel the state for my position, and most people have to pay to store their extra stuff. They are not able, in their towns, to park on the streets and clog up where everyone else has to use,” Owens said. “It is unfortunate. People around here have been spoiled. It takes away access that everyone else has to that street. They are upset they have to have alternative means to store. This is a necessary thing to increase public safety and allow people to be able
to use the street without ice and snow. It is easier for
crews to remove. I stand by the ordinance. I knew it would upset people.” 

Councilman Don Steveson said that some safety concerns have been addressed by the passage of the ordinance. 

“The two I was having issues with, we got moved. … It is cleared up,” Steveson said, noting that campers and other recreational vehicles can block views and prevent clear line of sight while driving. 

“Now that they are moved, access for the garbage truck in the alleyway has improved. Just on Rodeo Street and Clark Street, where I had gotten my complaints from, it has cleaned up a big safety issue,” he said. 

When asked if he had seen a difference, public works supervisor Greg Stumpff said that he had not because the city had not had to remove snow yet. 

“Campers are definitely an issue,” he said, noting he could answer the question better in a couple of months. 

To address the concerns, Owens suggested that the council look at a special use permit for work trailer storage. However, Steveson warned that this may open the door for everyone to have work trailers. 

Gualtieri suggested that the city compile a list of places where people can store their recreational vehicles or trailers. 

The ordinance stands, at least for now.

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