Reasons To Use Wear Mats on the Playground

Reasons To Use Wear Mats on the Playground

Whether on the public playground or at school, every play area needs wear mats to increase security. They’re not only an essential feature for a safer play area, but also a piece of the playground that makes the park more attractive to visitors. Here are the other reasons to use wear mats on the playground.

There Are Different Colors To Pick From
The one thing that keeps kids moving and remaining aware is utilizing color in the play area. By using color, children are more likely to be aware of safety hazards around them. The mat colors also add more playfulness to the park.
Fall surfaces in other colors provide a better way for kids to see when they drag their feet across the ground to help them stop better, letting them know where to step. When swings are set higher, or if the slide’s too steep, brightly colored mats let children know where they need to step so they can stop easily.

The Wear Mats Absorb Sound
Not only are the mats safe to use, but all of the yelling, shouting, and rowdiness that goes on in the park is absorbed into the grains of the mat's rubber. When the noise is absorbed, nearby residents won’t be disturbed, and children aren’t overwhelmed by the volume.

They’re Durable and Easy To Fix
The fall mats are also durable and easy to fix. If there’s ever a tear or the mat is moved out of place, workers can easily put it back in place and repair any rips in the material. Children can enjoy stopping the swing or halting at the bottom of the slide with a safe play mat.
These mats work well against weather conditions and don’t break down fast when used on the bottom of swings or slides.

Kids Are More Comfortable
Children feel more comfortable playing in the park when safety measures are in place. Families won’t feel safe if there are obvious signs of broken-down equipment or barely any safe surfacing. So, installing these mats makes kids feel comfortable and safer while at play.

They Increase Safety
Safety is key to a fun time at the park. Using play mats under swings, slides, and other areas where kids will be running around creates a safer park for all to enjoy. Since the mats are rubber, you won’t need to worry about kids becoming sick, as the rubber is recycled and manufactured to be an earth-friendly addition to the park.
When adding wear mats to the playground, every reason we listed here is worth considering. Work with your employees to add in wear mats to create a safer and more enjoyable play experience for all community members.


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