Positive poll watchers

Kari Drost, Chair, Weston County Republican Party

To the Editor:

Dear citizens, the Weston County Republican Party has enthusiastically endorsed the Poll Watcher Initiative because it is a valuable resource in proving to citizens that, here in Weston County, your election is conducted freely and fairly and that your individual vote matters and is properly counted.

The Poll Watcher Initiative was designed to be a positive, collaborative initiative that supports our county clerk’s office, reassures our citizens that proper procedures are followed, and works with our county clerk, Becky Hadlock, to identify and solve small problems before they become big issues. 

Just recently, I received a call from a citizen who alerted me to a potential problem with mailed absentee ballots. I let Becky know and she coordinated with the local post offices to ensure that all mailed absentee ballots would make it to the clerk in time to be counted. Becky was able to quickly solve this problem and I was able to call the citizen and assure them that their vote would be counted. This was a great example of the teamwork and collaboration that the poll watchers program was designed to foster. 

We have had several recent elections that have been decided by slim majorities — proving that every vote matters. I am proud of the Weston County Republican Party’s role in the poll watcher program and grateful to the many citizens that have contributed to the success of Weston County’s Poll Watcher Initiative.

If anyone would like to get involved in this initiative, please feel free to contact me at 307-312-0768 or via our website, westoncountywy.gop.

Best regards,


— Kari Drost, Chair, Weston County Republican Party


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