Personal Items You Should Destroy Before Throwing Away

Personal Items You Should Destroy Before Throwing Away

Items around your home could contain more of your confidential information than you think. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of these items before they are mistakenly tossed in your trash can. Keep reading to discover some personal items you should destroy before throwing them away.

ID Cards/Debit Cards/Credit Cards
Everyone knows you should cut up your old debit and credit cards before throwing them away, but did you know that you should do the same with old school and work IDs? Even simple ID cards like gym membership passes can hide your personal information and make it easier for thieves to access your data. If you’re looking for the best way to destroy old IDs and credit cards, skip the scissors. You can ensure that you thoroughly destroy these plastic cards with the help of a disintegrator machine or a multi-media shredder.

Old VHS and Cassette Tapes
While you might think that VHS and cassette tapes are outdated and would never be targeted by thieves, these forms of media can still hide personal information. Your address, family information, and more can be stored on VHS tapes or cassettes. These obsolete media forms are bulky and can be difficult to destroy by hand. The best way to ensure your VHS and cassettes are properly destroyed is to use a high-security disintegrator. Machines like these turn bulky tapes into tiny particles that are even safe to recycle.

Digital Records and Electronics
Your household computers, phones, tablets, and other electronic devices will naturally store quite a lot of personal and confidential information. In fact, digital media is what many modern hackers and scammers target. Before you dispose of old, outdated electronics, completely reset them to their factory settings prior to recycling them or sending them in for refurbishing. For smaller devices such as SD and memory cards, you can also utilize multi-media shredders and disintegrators to destroy these electronics.
Don’t let your personal information hidden on everyday items fall into the wrong hands. Remember, these personal items could be hiding confidential information, so you should destroy them before throwing them away.


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