NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023


Council President Don Steveson called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Those present were Council members Don Steveson, Ann McColley, Tyrel Owens, newly elected members Tom Voss and John Butts. Also present were City Attorney Dublin Hughes, Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff and City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty. Mayor Gualtieri was absent.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Daren Downs to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Ann McColley moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Monday, December 19, 2022. Motion carried.

CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY: Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Daren Downs to pay the claims against the City dated January 3, 2023. Motion carried. 

Claims: American Engineering Testing, engineering services, $9,327.85; Matthew Anderson, mileage, $225.00; Black Hills Energy, energy services, $5,407.12; Bomgaars, supplies, $1,380.92; Campbell Co. Health EMS, monthly distribution, $8,333.33; Casper College, training, $69.00; City of Newcastle, wa/sw/ga, $590.26; Douglas Dumbrill, municipal judge/mileage, $1,078.40; Energy Laboratories, testing, $656.00; Farnsworth Services, portable sanitation, $600.00; Hughes Law, monthly attorney fees, $3,500.00; Ketel Thorstenson, accounting services, $9,600.00; L.N. Curtis & Sons, parts, $101.85; Minuteman, tires, $1,316.00; Newcastle Equipment, repairs, $13,594.75; Newcastle Vol. Fire Dept., reimbursement, $466.57; Oftedal Construction, supplies, $2,000.00; Powder River Energy, energy services, $1,388.96; PD Genell Rothleutner, cleaning services, $200.00; Russell Industries, parts, $4,005.16; Salt Creek Water District, sewer services, $555.00; Bryand Streeter, monthly distribution, $1,333.33; Lucky Teigen-Grummons, FD cleaning services, $300.00; VanWay Trophy, plaque, $87.40; Verizon, cell phone service, $380.72; Becky Vodopich, cleaning services, $300.00; Wesco Gas, propane, $1,113.69; Weston Co. Treasurer, handling charge/PD phone and energy services, $1,801.92.

SWEARING IN OF NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS: Council President Don Steveson swore in new council members John Butts and Tom Voss. 


CERTIFICATES OF RECOGNITION: Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce for their work on 2022 Lighted Parade.


Wilson Plumbing Services, LLC requested plumbing license. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Tom Voss to approve this request. Motion carried.



Council President Steveson read Resolution No. 1, 2023 Entitled: A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING SUBMISSION OF A LOCAL GOVERNMENT PROJECT ARPA GRANT APPLICATION TO THE STATE LOAN AND INVESTMENT BOARD ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNING BODY FOR THE CITY OF NEWCASTLE, for the purpose of funding the construction of the Heritage Park Project. Tom Voss moved, seconded Ann McColley to pass Resolution No. 1, 2023. Motion carried.

Council President Steveson referenced the resignation of Shirley Harder from the Planning and Zoning Board. Clerk/Treasurer Haggerty wanted clarification as to if new application letters should go to the Planning and Zoning Board for their recommendation to the Council. Council consensus was yes.

Council Member Tyrel Owens reported that due to liability reasons for the Public Works Department he has contacted Sheriff Colvard and Police Chief Bowles regarding the shooting of deer within City limits. 


City Attorney Dublin Hughes had no report.

City Clerk/Treasurer Stacy Haggerty referenced contacting Attorney Hughes regarding vacation accruals for City Employees stating that many of the Police Department employees are close to the maximum allowed. Policy does not state if employees can or cannot be paid out for vacation leave. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Daren Downs to allow the payout of vacation leave for Police Department personnel until the department is fully staffed. Motion carried. Clerk/Treasurer Haggerty stated that she had been contacted by Nacona Toth of the Newcastle Recreation Board, requesting a letter from the City allowing the Recreation Board to acquire a debit card for their current account. Ann McColley moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to approve this request. Motion carried. 

Public Works Supervisor Greg Stumpff requested that Jeremy Deal receive a $0.50/hr. raise and given full time status as he has completed his one year of probation. Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Tom Voss to approve this request. Motion carried. He then referenced the Bid opening held on December 22, 2022 for the S. Summit water line replacement project stating that Kenny Rathbun and Kole Schell with Bear Lodge Engineering were present for any questions regarding the bid process as there was an issue with one of the bids that were presented because of a clerical error. Recommendation was made to award the bid to Hot Iron for the amount of $318,607.52. After discussion Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Daren Downs to award the bid to Hot Iron. Motion carried. He then referenced ARPA Grants and working towards goals to obtain those grants. Mr. Stumpff reported that the State had awarded the City $100,000.00 for the Drinking Water Intended Use Plan, he will inquire as to what stipulation there may be. There were no questions regarding the Public Works Reports that were presented. 

Police Department: No report


OTHER BUSINESSS: Councilman Tyrel Owens stated that he would like to move forward in getting the job description of the City Administrator/Grant writer. 

Ann McColley moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to adjourn this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 7:49 p.m. Meeting adjourned.


Pam Gualtieri, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Stacy Haggerty


(Publish January 12, 2023)


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