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Farella Family artifacts are currently on display at the Anna Miller Museum in Newcastle. The Weston County Museum District is seeking stories and artifacts about local families or businesses to be on display at either the Anna Miller Museum or the Red Onion Museum in Upton.


The Weston County Museum District is seeking stories and artifacts from the public about local businesses and ranches, to be displayed at either the Anna Miller Museum in Newcastle or the Red Onion Museum in Upton.

Stories, with any accompanying artifacts, will be on display for a three-month period at one of the museums.

Currently on display is information about the Farella Family ranch and school. Below is a short synopsis of the Farella history currently on display, as told by Marie McIntosh:

Batista Johonna Farella was born at Tacaneca in the province of Aquilia, Italy, on Oct. 17, 1881, to Angelo and Maria Farella. 

He came to the United States as a young man in 1901. He docked in New York and worked in the mines from West Virginia to Wisconsin and Illinois. He saved every penny for his journey to Wyoming.

Batista was finally able to work his way to Cambria in 1903 where he met his brother, Tony, who had come a short time before. He took a job with the Cambria Mining Company. Continuing his practice of hard work and saving, he was able in 1913 to buy a small homestead that reminded him of his homeland. While still working in the mines, he took pleasure in having his own place even though it meant rising early and working late. He built the first three rooms of this house from the materials that were readily available, stones and mortar, and it stands today as testament to his skill.

For more information about submitting your business or ranch history, please call 746-4188 or 468-2672 for more details.

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