Flag etiquette is simple

Deb French

Flag etiquette is simple

To the Editor:

Upon the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the president signed a proclamation that flags on all state and government buildings be flown at
half-mast till sunset of the day of her internment.

Being a veteran, I have always flown my flag in honor of our great country and for those who died under her colors. I applaud those citizens and businesses who chose to fly the flag, but find it disturbing when they chose to ignore proper flag etiquette.

While you are not mandated to lower your flag when a proclamation is sent out to do so, I think it sends a confusing message when a neighboring business lowers theirs and you do not. Personally I think it is ill-mannered, but understand it is a choice to do so.

Flag etiquette is simple: always shine a light on it when flying at night, never let her touch the ground and replace her when she begins to fade and show signs of being tattered and worn. 

Taking the extra step to fly her at half-mast when a proclamation is issued, to me shows respect and love of country. If you ever have any questions about flag etiquette, contact your American Legion; we would be happy to help answer any questions you might have.


— Deb French

American Legion District 5 Commander

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