Essential Gear You Need To Start Bow Hunting

Essential Gear You Need To Start Bow Hunting

If you’re ready to take your hunting game to the next level, there’s no better hobby than bow hunting. It requires quick thinking, accuracy, and tons of strategy to get right, but the satisfaction you gain is like nothing else. Here’s the essential gear you need to start bow hunting.

A backpack is essential for an hours-long hunt. You can opt for a small day pack to bring along your lunch and hunting supplies, or you can consider a larger backpack that carries your bow. While these larger backpacks take more work to transport, it can be extremely helpful to have your hands free during intense periods of hiking.

Scent Control
Disguising your scent is critical for success. You may not even know how many times you’ve had your target notice you and flee, but you’ll find many more hunting opportunities if you can obscure your smell. Purchase an odor-eliminating spray and scent control clothing. You can also pick up a wind checker to stay in a good position throughout your hunt.

As every hunter knows, you spend most of your day in search of prey. You should have a rugged pair of boots to move deftly through the natural setting. Regardless of what brand you choose, make sure you opt for a waterproof pair. Consider taking a few hikes before you hunt to break them in—you don’t want blisters forming as you search the woods.

Last but certainly not least, a bow is a definite necessity. Head into your local sports shop and talk with an expert to figure out which bow is right for you. If you already know a thing or two about bow hunting and want to decide for yourself, there are plenty of online resources that look at the best hunting bows on the market, as well.
Now that you know the essential gear you need to start bow hunting, you can get out into the wild and let your arrows fly!


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