Common Tools Professional Pet Groomers Use

Common Tools Professional Pet Groomers Use

Pet owners have a lot to deal with, and professional groomers are there to make life easier. Plus, they can clean up our cats and dogs in ways we’re unable to because we lack the proper equipment, training, and knowledge. You may wonder what equipment they use to clean your pet so well. These are the common tools professional pet groomers use.

It’s imperative to use the right brush to untangle the fur of each pet. Some owners are unsure how to brush their pet’s hair properly, and some don’t have enough time due to busy schedules. It’s typical for pet owners to bring their dogs and cats to the groomers for this reason.
There are a few different brushes that groomers may use. These include:

  • A wide-tooth metal comb is best on long-haired dog breeds such as border collies and golden retrievers.
  • A fine-tooth metal comb is best for short-haired pets such as boxers and labradors.
  • A soft brush will help achieve that silky, smooth look after detangling.
  • A dual-sided brush for cats will help remove any knots and debris left in their fur.

Deshedding Tools
Deshedding tools are a favorite among professional pet groomers. Cats and dogs shed their fur regularly, and these tools can help lessen the amount of flying hair. Groomers will typically use a de-shedding shampoo and conditioner on dogs and cats that help gently remove the excess fur.
There are many different types of brushes groomers can use during the de-shedding process. There are slicker brushes, wide-toothed combs, rubber brushes, bristle brushes, pin brushes, and the trendy blade-on-a-handle metal comb. Each tool offers different perks, and a groomer will choose which to use based on their needs.

Nail Clippers
Trimming your pet’s nails is necessary to keep you and your pet safe, prevent them from ruining furniture, avoid health issues, and keep them looking clean. There are several styles of clippers, but the typical type used are scissors and guillotine clippers. The guillotine type is the easiest and most effective for cats and dogs.

There are other products a groomer can choose from besides de-shedding brushes. Another common tool professional pet groomers use is shampoo. Groomers generally prefer a non-toxic, natural ingredient wash to avoid chemical reactions for your pet. There are medicated shampoos prescribed by the vet, tear-free shampoos, medicated dips, conditioners, and oatmeal shampoo, as well.


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