7 Apps to Help Small Business Owners Save Time

By Amy Collett

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As a small business, you might feel like you never have enough time. Improving your time management skills can help you find balance in your professional and personal life. To help, News Letter Journal shares the apps to help you free up more time in your day so you can focus on growing your business. 


Are you still handling payroll manually or using an inefficient payroll software program? Utilizing a payroll system that also offers a mobile app version allows you to take care of payroll tasks wherever you are, which can help you save time. Payroll apps offer time tracking features, real-time reporting, and the ability to generate mobile timesheets for employees. You can integrate these apps with other financial management software to handle payroll from anywhere. You can also pair with software for accounting that allows you to track expenses, invoices, and projects all in one location, which will help you keep track of every aspect of your business.

Project Management

Project management software keeps all of your employees on the same page - you can send updates, check progress, and save key documents on one platform. This can be a major boost for your team’s efficiency and lessen your workload. RingCentral recommends using a platform like Asana if you’re managing large projects with lots of team members or Project.co if you’re collaborating with several teams on creative projects. 

Social Media Automation

Manually posting content to social media can eat up a lot of time. Instead, turn to social media scheduling apps to streamline the process! If you’d prefer a simple, minimalist user interface, you could use a scheduling app like Publer, or you can use a tool like SocialBee if you’d like to focus on sharing evergreen content with staying power.

Creativity Apps

If you’re a small operation and you tend to handle the creative side, don’t underestimate the benefits of online apps. For example, tools like Adobe allow you to quickly convert files like JPG to PDF in order to share files and images more universally. Creative apps like Behance allow others to share their work, which can inspire you with new ideas or ways to fine tune ideas you’ve been developing for some time.

Productivity Apps

It’s all too easy to waste time on social media or other distractions, even if you’re a dedicated entrepreneur. But there are plenty of apps designed to block out these distractions so that you can stay focused on what matters and check everything off of your to-do list. CloudApp recommends using an app like Dewo to block notifications when you want to concentrate or RescueTime to track how you’re spending your time while blocking access to distracting websites. 

Digital File Management

Do you and your team spend lots of time tracking down lost or mislabeled files? Using a digital file management system for document storage and organization can solve the problem. You can use cloud-based software like Dropbox to keep all of your team’s files together - you’ll be able to easily access the system and locate crucial documents no matter where you are or what device you’re using!

Email Marketing

Composing, sending, and responding to emails can be time-consuming. You do not have to handle email marketing manually. Instead, you can turn to an email marketing app to help you get the job done! There are a variety of email marketing and scheduling tools available to small business owners, such as Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

When you’re running a small business, you might feel like your schedule is always packed. But with these time-saving apps, you can find a moment to breathe again. By utilizing these apps, you’ll have more time for yourself and the projects you feel truly passionate about. 

Amy Collett is the creator of Bizwell.org, a website that helps professionals and entrepreneurs build and strengthen their personal brand. She is also the author of the upcoming book, You, Exemplified: The Role of Personal Branding in Your Professional Life. When she’s not busy with helping her clients she enjoys coaching her daughter’s soccer team and is training to become a yoga instructor.


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