3 Best Places To Display Your Business Cards

3 Best Places To Display Your Business Cards

Business cards make it easy for you to share your business with anyone anywhere. Unfortunately, you can’t stand in a thousand different spots with thousands of cards in hand, ready to give them out to passersby. Instead, you need to leave your business card on display and let it do the work for you. Keep reading to learn about the three best places to display your business cards so that you can grow your business.

Next to the Entrance and Exit
Before you start leaving your business cards like a breadcrumb trail back to your store, you need to make them accessible to the clients you already have. This way, they can pick up a card and take it wherever they’re going to share it with friends and loved ones. The best place to put a stack of business cards in your store is next to the entrance and exit. Even if people only come in to browse, they have to enter and leave somehow. If you have one door that functions as both the entrance and exit, put a stack of cards there. If you have separate entrances and exits, you should put a small stack next to both so that visitors have options.

Public Bulletin Boards
One of the best ways to reach a diverse people group without having to pay for lots of advertising is with a public bulletin board. Other businesses and organizations, such as charities, libraries, gyms, and places of worth, often have public bulletin boards where visitors can pin up important information, such as current event papers and business cards. If there’s a place you frequent that has a public bulletin board, add your card to the display so that people can learn about you and what you do. If you haven’t found a public bulletin board yet, ask employees and other work colleagues if they know about any so that you can swing by and pin up your card the next time you’re nearby.

Loitering Places
Where do people tend to loiter? Mall food courts, waiting rooms, and lobbies are spots where people casually hang out. When people are in these places, they may start to look around and notice interesting details in their vicinity. If you’ve left a small stack of business cards within their line of sight, the chances are that they’ll pick one up and read it. This is one of the reasons you should have special business cards, such as foil business cards. They’ll stand out in these moments of boredom and continue to do so from the competition if they decide to take your card home.
If you want to display your business cards, you must pick the best places that’ll bring in the clientele you want. These ideas are general and could bring a diverse group of people to your business. Choose your display options wisely if you’re trying to build a specific clientele.


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