10.14.21 Newcastle City Council Minutes

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Mayor Pam Gualtieri called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Gualtieri; Council members Daren Downs, Michael Alexander, Ann McColley, Lance Miles and Don Steveson. Tyrel Owens was absent.  Also present were Department Heads City Police Chief Sam Keller, City Engineer Mike Moore, City Attorney Mark Hughes and City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ann McColley moved, seconded Daren Downs to approve the agenda as amended adding the Newcastle Recreation Board for a report.  Motion carried.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Michael Alexander moved, seconded Ann McColley to approve the minutes of the regular City Council meeting of Monday, September 20, 2021 and the Executive Session minutes of Monday, September 20, 2021 as presented.  Motion carried. 



Matt Ramsey for the painting and cleanup of his auction buildings.

Linda Bogue for her efforts at beautification at the Library.



Mr. & Mrs. Dick Rich were present to receive their certificate for the 15th annual Shine & Show car show in Newcastle and to thank the Council, Police Chief Keller and the officers and Mike Moore and the City crew for all their help with the event.





Sandy Martin, Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce, left a written report of upcoming Chamber events.





City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James noted audit process was proceeding.


City Attorney Mark Hughes reported working on easements and deeds for the City and Ogden Driskill. The landfill remediation agreement has not been finalized, but the City is in agreement with the proposed document.  Mr. Hughes recommended if anything further was to be done reference the carport installed without a building permit, the City would be best advised to pursue the matter with the home owner.   Would be too costly to pursue action with the contractor.


City Engineer Mike Moore reported the historical downtown signs will be installed. The permit for closure of Landfill #2 has been approved. Neighborhood meeting reference Sage Street and the bike path to the west were successful and worthwhile. A couple of potential annexation requests were briefly discussed.  Mr. Moore reported on the progress of the Landfill District and noted we may be asked to participate in a grant request for a transfer station. The plan review for Hometown Medical remodel has been completed. He reported on the state of the sewer lagoon Cell B.


City Police Chief Sam Keller reported 4184 call for service YTD, 457 for the month of September and 43 for October so far. The new hand held radios are being programmed and we’re waiting for the new car radios.  The new CAD CIS update will take place October 20. 





Don Steveson reported on the LEPC meeting and suggested a committee to meet quarterly to review dispatch matters, the committee composed of members from those whom the City dispatches for.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: reference property acquisition.  Ann McColley moved, seconded Don Steveson to suspend the rules and go into Executive Session at 7:57 p.m. reference land acquisition. Motion carried.  Michael Alexander moved, seconded Daren Downs to return to regular session at 8:26 p.m. Motion carried.  No action was taken out of the Executive Session.


CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY: Ann McColley moved, seconded Don Steveson to pay the claims against the City dated October 4, 2021.  Motion carried.

Don Steveson moved, seconded Daren Downs to adjourn this meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 8:32 p.m.  Meeting adjourned.


Claims: Aced Embroidery, safety vest printing, $256.00; Kyle & Tiana Bartlett, water deposit refund, $24.55; Bearlodge Engineering $ Surveying, Survey/staking/engineering/maps, $5765.00; Black Hills Energy, natural gas & electrical service, $14, 151.97; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, employee medical, $41,562.00; Bomgaars Supply, supplies/materials, $1442.12; Cambria Supply, materials/supplies, $1855.26; Campbell County EMS, Oct. 2021 ambulance service, $8333.33; Century Link, E-11 data service, $953.20; City of Newcastle, WA/SW/GA office/rec/law enf. ctr. $1223.97; Dale’s Tire & Retreading, Inc., tires, FD, $1384.00; Dell Marketing L.P., municipal court server, $4179.34; R. Douglas Dumbrill, Oct. 2021 municipal judge, $1078.40; Energy Laboratories, Inc., water sample testing, $192.00; Engineering Associates, Well #5 work, $7044.00; Farnsworth Services Co., Inc., portable sanitation, $850.00; Ferguson Waterworks #1116, touch pads, $300.00; Flowers & Things, funeral flowers, $307.40; Hansen Equipment, parts, $51.30; Betty Melanie Todd Henderson, water deposit refund, $72.45; Linda Hopf, water deposit refund, $47.62; Hughes Law Office, Oct. 2021 attorney fee, $3500.00; Kristen Jarboe, water deposit refund, $100.00; L.N. Curtis & Sons, fire fighting foam, $2371.50; Lighthouse Uniform Co., dress uniforms, $937.35; Diana Lipford, water deposit refund, $120.83; Mallory Safety & Supply, LLC, badges, $1704.88; Marco Technologies, LLC, copier lease, $303.27; Mastercard, fuel purchase/materials/office supplies, $3717.09; Edith McEndarfer, water deposit refund, $24.23; Modern Marketing, Inc., PD pens, $2650.56; Brandi Montague, water deposit refund, $71.27; MPH Industries, Inc., power supply, $94.17; Newcastle Equipment Co., parts & repair, $5575.12; Newcastle Volunteer Fire Dept., reimburse pension & tires, $11,174.70; News Letter Journal, FD printer ink, $41.85; Normont Equipment Co., emulsion, $5639.00; Pax Water Technologies, water tank controls, $31,275.00; Michael Pehringer, water deposit refund, $35.39; Amber Prell, water deposit refund, $184.56; Range, phone service, $863.80; Range, city share phones, $341.28; Ricks Electric, printed circuit board, $276.31; Amanda & Taylor Romine, water deposit refund, $100.00; Genell Rothleutner, PD cleaning, $200.00; Smith Psychological Service, PD medical, $800.00; Bryand Streeter, Oct. 2021 airport wages, $1333.33; Lucky Teigen-Grummons, fire hall cleaning, $300.00; Carol Veith, water deposit refund, $23.89; Verizon, cell phones, $981.31; Becky Vodopich, city hall cleaning, $300.00; Walker Funeral Home, refund grave services, $100.00; WEBT, employee life insurance, $201.00; WESCO Gas, propane, $178.57; Weston County Treasurer, tax handling/heat/lights/phone, $928.06; Weston County Humane Society, 1st quarter payment, $5000.00; Wilson & Associates, LLC, plan review, $2325.00; Wyoming Rents, LLC, man lift rental, $4534.50; Wyoming Secretary of State, notary fee, $30.00.



Pam Gualtieri, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Greg James


(Publish October 14, 2021)


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