01.13.22 Newcastle City Council Minutes

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Mayor Pam Gualtieri called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Those present were Mayor Gualtieri; Council members Tyrel Owens, Don Steveson, Ann McColley, And Daren Downs. Councilman Miles was absent. Also present were City Police Chief Sam Keller, City Engineer Mike Moore, City Attorney Mark Hughes and City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ann McColley moved, seconded Don Steveson to approve the agenda as amended, adding approval of an electrical license. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Don Steveson to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Monday, December 20, 2021 and the minutes of the Executive Session of Monday, December 20, 2021 as presented, Motion carried.




Tyrel Owens moved, seconded Don Steveson to approve the electrical license for Electrical Contractor, Hunter Electric, LLC; Master Electrician, Zakery Seth Hunter. All fees have been paid and copies of state license and proof of insurance and bond have been provided. Motion carried.


Sandy Martin, Barbie Turner and Garrett Borton were present representing the Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce. They thanked the City for support the past year and discussed their plans for 2022. Upon questioning, Barbie stated the open hours were Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They stated the membership was improving.


Mayor Gualtieri requested a Police Committee Meeting and a Personnel Committee meeting, times and dates not set.


City Engineer Mike Moore reported there was $2.6 million in construction in Newcastle during 2021 and $42,000 in building permit fees collected. A water leak on West Main is being repaired. There are a couple of items for discussion at the Planning/Zoning meeting on Thursday, snow removal routes, allowing a retaining wall in the City right-of-way, and allowing manufactured buildings in commercial zoned areas. DEQ is creating challenges with their rules for land application of materials from the lagoon and also new water system rules.

City Police Chief Sam Keller reported 5269 calls for service in 2021, 360 in December, 4016 walk-ins through the lobby and a total of 613 citations issued. Progress is being made with the move from the Law enforcement Center.

City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James noted the next regular City Council meeting will be Tuesday January 18 because of the legal holiday on the 17th. The annual audit presentation will be at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 before the Council meeting. Mr. James noted Mr. Douglas Dumbrill is willing to serve as Newcastle’s Municipal Judge for another year. Daren Downs moved, seconded Ann McColley to appoint R. Douglas Dumbrill as Municipal Judge for the City of Newcastle for 2022. Motion carried.

City Attorney Mark Hughes sent a draft of a letter for the Sheriff’s office to Mayor Gualtieri for review. Proposed subdivision amendments were presented for review and possible first reading at the next Council meeting. He also passed around some notes for reminders about City meetings.



CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY: Ann McColley moved, seconded Don Steveson to pay the claims against the City dated January 3, 2022. Motion carried. Daren Downs moved, seconded Tyrel Owens to adjourn this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 7:56 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

Claims: A Spiritual Cleanse Carwash, PD Car washes, $35.00; ACED Embroidery, safety jacket embroidery, $1564.00; Ad-Pro Office Supply, binders, $32.70; Alpha Communications, December 2021 tower rent, $95.00; Haley Barker, reimburse training expense, $351.04; Black Hills Energy, natural gas/electric service, $14,202.39; Bomgaars Supply, supplies/materials, $1612.79; Campbell County Health EMS, January 2022 ambulance service, $8333.33; City of Newcastle, WA/SW/ GA—office, fire hall, rec, $543.30; CNA Surety, fire dept. bond, $200.00; Double D, batteries/filters, $394.04; R. Douglas Dumbrill, Jan. 2022 municipal judge, $1078.40; Dunham Repair, LLC, parts, $161.40; Energy Laboratories, Inc., sample testing, $622.00; Environmental Products & Access, Inc., reel swivel, $100.37; Farnsworth Services Co., Inc., portable sanitation, $600.00; Ferguson Waterworks #1116, software/pipe, $13,637.43; Frontier Home Ranch & Hardware, supplies/materials, $263.78; Hughes Law Office, Jan. 2022  attorney fee, $3500.00; Jones & Bartlett, LLC, first aid training, $6.57; Mastercard, computer/supplies, $553.68; Midwest Injections, Inc., biosolids removal at lagoon, $74,555.86; Tonia Mills, reimburse mileage, $161.28; National Emergency Number Assoc., membership renewal, $142.00; Newcastle Volunteer Fire Dept., reimburse safety lights-chief’s meeting, $1147.65; Normont Equipment Co., Durapatcher rent, $4750.00; Northern Technologies, LLC, biosolids lab testing, $1155.00; William Orban, water deposit refund, $84.64; Pines Motel of Newcastle, water deposit refunds, $223.47; Reiniger Custom Services, receiver hitch, $402.80; Genell Rothleutner, PD cleaning, $200.00; Salt Creek Water District, sewer service, $555.00; Sandra J. Lund Estate, water deposit refund, $110.15; Holden Schultz, reimburse CDL expense, $87.76; Bryand Streeter, Jan. 2022 airport wages, $1333.33; Lucky Teigen-Grummons, fire hall cleaning, $300.00; Verizon, cell phones, $696.57; Becky Vodopich, city office cleaning, $300.00; WEBT, employee life insurance, $100.50; Weston County Treasurer, heat/lights/phone, $1462.42; Jeremiah Wiggins, water deposit refund, $39.06; Wilbur V. Lease, milled lumber, $285.12; Wyoming Secretary of State, notary fee, $60.00.

Pam Gualtieri, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Greg James


(Publish January 13, 2022)


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