We must unite if we want things to change


Dear Editor,

It seems that more and more people are talking about the nexus of economics and politics. It follows then, that the terminology used should be precise.

Alas! The opposite is true. Elements of Adam Smith’s Capitalism, and Marx and Engels Socialism,

seem to exacerbate the the confusion. Even terms like liberal, neoliberal and conservative have different meanings in different arguments.

So never mind the labels. Just consider what happens because of a certain set of circumstances. It is almost a given that everyone wants the best outcomes, no matter what the terminology might be. Arguing based on just the terminology is a waste of time and paper. Spendthrift liberal or stingy conservative are terms that serve no useful purpose.

We the people need to have a serious discussion about what we want our society to be and how we propose to get there. Our politicians are mired down in maintaining their employment, and that blocks any possibility that they can help.

We have been and are being led down the primrose path to a dark place. This is nothing new. It has always been the law of the jungle to which we human animals subscribe. There is a contingent among us who seek to gain primarily personal wealth, but also status in the hierarchy of command and control. The ‘dark place’ we should try to avoid is where “they” can exercise complete command and control over us.

History is the unending story of this happening time after time. One would think that, as smart as we are, we would have learned by now. Books have been written that describe in exquisite detail the horrors of control by others. So-called common sense should caution us to be suspicious of political parties and their minions. But no, we gleefully jump on one bandwagon or the other, and proceed with uncautious haste to join the battle against “The Other.”

It is way past the time when we should begin to think for ourselves instead of signing on with the best prevaricator in the land. It seems that every century or two it becomes necessary to “clean house,” and get rid of the politicians and the government de jure they have erected.

We can do as we did before! We can cast off the shackles of a self-serving and arrogant monarch whose creed is “All for me and nothing for anybody else.” 

In this case, the “arrogant monarch” is not a single human being, but rather a cabal of greed inspired money-changers. They inhabit places like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Koch Industries, Wells Fargo, CitiGroup, Lehman Brothers and others. Unfortunately, many others.

There are just two simple steps. Unfortunately, they are somewhat difficult steps.

Step One: Take control of your politicians.

Step Two: Take control of the money-changers in the Temple, and give the Judiciary a stern talking to.

—Jerry Baird


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