RER reports efforts moving along

Mike Finn, the local field representative for Rare Elements Resources, reported to the Weston County Commissioners on Tuesday morning that work being done to construct a proposed rare earth elements mine in Crook County is progressing as planned.

Rules must be followed

Keeping a budget straight is no easy task, especially when there are several different areas that have specific designated disbursements. Weston County School District #1 Superintendent Brad LaCroix sat down with the News Letter Journal last week to explain the delicacy of the separate categories within the district’s budget.

Committee wants input

The Weston County Junior Rodeo Committee held its inaugural meeting on Sept. 8 to elect officers and listen to public comments about the rodeo, which is held the weekend following the Weston County Fair in August.

First contact with ‘legal’ weed

“It’s an indication we’ve been waiting for,” Newcastle Police Chief Jim Owens told the News Letter Journal after reporting that officers responding to a pair of drug complaints in recent weeks discovered marijuana in both instances that had been purchased legally in another state and transported to northeast Wyoming.

Keep it out of the dump

The Weston County Natural Resource District will once again be hosting a Hazardous Waste Collection Day in Weston County. This annual event allows for the disposal of a variety of hazardous waste, and WCNRD’s District Manager, Jennifer Hinkhouse, says the event continues to be a success.