County looks at admin position

A discussion that stalled out a year ago regarding the Weston County Commission’s inability to agree on a job description — or title — for a new full-time county employee who would oversee county infrastructure, write grants and perform a number of other duties was resurrected at the commission’s regular meeting last Tuesday when Chairman Bill Lambert asked the man who is currently performing many of those tasks on an as-needed basis if he believes a full-time position is needed.

Disappointment: Representative hoped to offer more opportunities for vocational education

Rep. Hans Hunt recently wrote an opinion piece explaining the significant bills concerning the Hathaway Scholarship as well as a bill that he co-sponsored addressing the importance of vocational education throughout Wyoming. Hunt was disappointed to report to the News Letter Journal early this week that he is almost certain that the bill is dead before it will even have a change to see the Senate floor.

No late starts at elementary

At the last Weston County School District #1 meeting of the board of trustees, the new 2015-2016 school calendar was approved. The new schedule will mean Newcastle Elementary School will resume next year to attending class all day every day, with no early release or late starts for the younger students.

Votes are questioned

County Coroner Cyndi Crabtree approached the Weston County Commissioners at their meeting last week, but it wasn’t to discuss any issues associated with the position voters elected her to in November. Rather, it was about a concern she has regarding the Osage Water District and the manner in which the last election for members of that district’s board was conducted.

Best scores in five years

At the Feb. 11 Weston County School District #1 Board of Trustees meeting, Newcastle Elementary School Principal Brandy Holmes stated that, according to results from the recent Dibels Next and MAP test scores, it looks like the school is getting on the right track with reading.