Who owns the roads?

With questions regarding paperwork and specifics of legality when it comes to easements in Weston County, the county commissioners had to discuss plans, which they did at their Nov. 18 meeting. Fran Lehman, GIS coordinator for Weston County, has been hard at work getting landowners to sign easements for county roads, but they are facing some setbacks. Lehman explained that many landowners, as well as the commissioners themselves, have issues with the verbiage of the current paperwork involved.

Considering the proposal

Maureen Cadwell, chief operating officer of Weston County Health Services, along with members of WCHS Board, have been visible in both the Newcastle and Upton communities explaining the hospital’s plans for expansion and construction at the facility. Money is needed to help pay for the construction, so they plan to approach both cities and the county to request that a Specific Purpose sales tax option be placed on the ballot next spring, in the hopes that Weston County voters will decide to add 1 percent to the taxes in the county to specifically pay for upgrades of the facility.

Curley hired as deputy attorney

On Jan. 4, Weston County will officially have a new county attorney, but with this change comes some new issues to be addressed. William Curley, who will take office as county attorney in less than two months, is without an office, so the Weston County Commissioners have been challenged with finding a place for him to conduct county business.

A big day ahead

This year community children will be able to see the Walt Disney animated superhero action-comedy film “Big Hero 6” on Dec. 6 at 1 p.m. at the Dogie Theatre for free, giving their parents the opportunity to shop at local businesses and the Holiday Bazaar at Weston County Fairgrounds without them.

Volunteers needed

Getting to doctor appointments and to stores to buy necessary items can be difficult when driving a vehicle is no longer a possibility, as is the case for many of Weston County’s aging citizens. Fortunately for them, Weston County Senior Services coordinates volunteers, along with two paid employees, to get individuals to places they need to go. However with the need so great, volunteers are always needed for transporting people.