Unofficial results in for hospital and museum boards


Unofficial results of the Hospital and Museum Board elections on Tuesday, May 9, are in. These results will remain unofficial until the canvas boards for the respective entities have met.

From Weston County Health Services:

Weston County Hospital District Board of Trustee Election Unofficial results:

Georgenna Materi        144 votes

Jeff Virchow                   136 votes

William Lunney                 86 votes

Barry Peterson                57 votes

The WCHS Canvas Board will meet this afternoon at 4:30 pm for the official tallies.

From Weston County Museum District:

The unofficial election results for the Weston County Museum District board election on Tuesday, May 9, are:

Cindy A. Rhoades 168 total votes

Michael M. Mills 162 total votes

Bill A. Morris 157 total votes

4 write ins total.  

The canvas board will meet Thursday May 10, 2018 to make the results official.


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