Third Piece of the Puzzle


Part II

News items about the Farahs and their store was limited for the next several years until 1948 when Charley fell down a flight of steps and broke his hip, an injury that Mary also suffered a few years later. Two years after Charley’s injury, the Farahs celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and their milestone was commemorated with an article in the News Letter Journal.

Then, in November 1952, Charley Farah died of a heart attack at his home after dealing with poor health for several months. His obituary in the November 20, 1952, issue of the News Letter Journal noted that “Kalil Farah, familiarly known as Charley, along with his wife Mary, have successfully operated the business, K. Farah, Dry Goods for over fifty years. It is the oldest established business in Newcastle. Having weathered three bank failures, major fire on Main Street, stock market crashes, good times and bad, the Farahs have opened their store every morning for over fifty years to serve the needs of this community. Mr. Farah won the respect of everyone by his honesty and fair dealings.”

Cash said the Farahs never threw anything away, and when they sold the store in the 1950s, they still had product from the early 1900s. The older products caught the attention of many antique dealers when the business was sold.


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