Smooth entry


Head coach Doug Scribner’s swimmers had a light week, with only one dual in Buffalo last Friday, but one Lady Dogie put up huge numbers while hardly making a splash.

“Sarah Henkle was definitely the highlight of the meet,” Scribner exclaimed. “She eclipsed her best score in diving by about 20 points!”

In only six dives, Henkle racked up a personal best score of 170.95 after having qualified just the week before with a score of 147.50. Both Scribner and Henkle attributed the huge finish to having relieved the pressure to qualify, which left her free to simply compete.

“I’m really good friends with all the Buffalo people, so I was just really comfortable and it was a lot of fun,” Henkle smiled. “I was just really confident, and knowing I had already qualified helped because I was just not stressed at all about my dives.”


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