Radical right is on a dangerous path


Dear Editor,

There is one good thing about the election of Trump!

It has provoked a movement to organize a “Convention of States.”

This is the preliminary step to amend our Constitution. This would be an opportunity to update our Constitution and counter some of Trump’s dumbest and most dangerous missteps. They may even be able to counter the regressive plans of the State Policy Network and ALEC.

The “SPN” is a group of 40 or 50 right wing think tanks devoted to schemes and plots to overthrow the government. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is the “action arm” of the right wing.  It’s a group of lawyers who go from state to state and write legislation for the state legislators to submit.

Both of those groups are in the employ of— and handsomely paid by— the richest oligarchs in the country. I doubt that they have your interests in mind.

The anti-government policy of the radical right wing American government is so wrong in so many different ways it is hard to know where to start.

To keep our economy from becoming a virtual Baghdad Bazaar, we need enforced regulations, not no regulations at all. It is a constant battle to keep our economy out of the hands of the monopolies where they will exercise their version of the Golden Rule— he who has the gold makes the rules.

Almost needless to say, the rules always favor the monopoly.

Meanwhile, American workers find themselves without a job, at the end of their unemployment benefits and with no prospects for any improvement.

As long as they have a vote, they are the target of the election hustlers. It makes little difference if the unemployed declare themselves to be an “R” or a “D.” The election hustler will say whatever the citizen wants to hear!

Never mind the facts, just vote for the story. Ignore repeated warnings. Discount abundant evidence.  Attention lemmings, forward march!

—Jerry Baird


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