Persons of the Year! Sweet Country Angels: Amanda Bench & Ginger Fields


Sweet Country Angels — a self-funded program that rescues and re-homes local cats at risk of euthanasia — is run by creators Amanda Bench and Ginger Fields of Newcastle. Both Bench and Fields have been nominated on behalf of Sweet Country Angels as a 2017 joint Person of the Year. Bench and Fields have been working to save cats in the area for six years after Newcastle’s cat population skyrocketed. The pair have since rescued what they estimate is close to 800 or 900 cats, and spent at least $15,000.

Animal lovers through and through, Bench and Fields simply cannot stand the idea of any cat starving or freezing in the elements. According to the Sweet Country Angels, “In our small town, there is no shelter or rescue for cats. The City traps cats, both strays and pets. If they are not claimed, they are euthanized. The Mayor gave us permission to rescue and re-home some of these cats.”


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