No reason to drop residency rules


Dear Editor,

We’ve got a lawyer from Campbell County that wants to be our Weston County Prosecutor, and not be from Weston County. We’ve had rules governing residency in this county, but now they are being challenged. For what reason would we change our rules now? 

If you live in Weston County, you pay taxes here. Could there be some “special interests” being inserted now, or should I say— again? Ask Taylor Haynes about residency and the “special interests” that are trying to ruin his candidacy. 

He pays taxes in Wyoming, while the other doesn’t pay a dime in Weston County. Taylor Haynes’ ranch is in Wyoming, while the other doesn’t live in our county, nor have we heard of any plans to do so. Who is paying the extraordinary mileage back and forth to and from Gillette for the Gillette lawyer to come here? The answer to that obviously, is us!

This fiction writer, whose claim to credence it that he’s been following the defendant in several cases, spews out the usual garbage about truth, but has no proof. (Re: “Charges against Scoutt dismissed,” NLJ, July 26, 2018, page one.) He holds no facts that our enforcement personnel could turn over the prosecutor that would warrant him to pursue the case, so he’s all about fiction. 

Never forget the “special interests” are definitely involved in both instances, and never forget this fiction writer is all about money! The truth be known, Mr. Pinsky, it isn’t the first murder not prosecuted in Weston County, and most probably won’t be the last!

You could maybe take your story to Hollywood and give it to that demented clown Deniro to make a movie out of it. 

—John Larsen


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