Men do well in first outdoor meet


The Newcastle Dogie tracksters were finally out in full force last Friday as they headed to Rapid City for a developmental meet. For all but 13 this was their first foray into competition, and despite the challenges they faced head coach Chad Ostenson was very pleased with his team’s performance.

Foremost among the challenges was the fact that most of the squad had yet to be able to practice their events given the inclement weather that has rendered their practice facilities useless up to this point. In addition, the sheer size of the meet was daunting, as demonstrated by 18 heats of the 200 Meter race for the women and 15 for the men. Finally, Mother Nature still wasn’t doing any favors for anyone, as the day was cold and windy.

“It was definitely a test for us and it was a tough day, but everybody finally got to put up a time or distance in their events,” Ostenson began. “And when you look at the kids who finished in the top 20, you know they did very well given the level of competition, as well as the number of athletes entered into the events.”


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