Courthouse work moves forward


Despite objections from Commissioner Marty Ertman, the Weston County commissioners voted Jan. 16 to proceed with second-floor remodeling of the courthouse.

According to County Clerk Jill Sellers, the project will be funded mainly through grants – about 63 percent – while the county will pay about 37 percent of cost. The total cost of the project, including architect fees and contingency funding, is $867,521.

The project consists of remodeling the courtroom and making the space functional for both district and circuit court.

Michael’s Construction, the lowest of the four bids received, was awarded the bid for the project, totaling $685,647. This total includes the base bid of $657,307, as well as the alternate bid of $28,340. The alternate bid, according to Sellers, was recommended and includes replacing the ceiling to support the weight of the courtroom requirements.


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