Winners focus on the big picture

Bob Bonnar

“Looking back at the wisdom and prudence of those that came before us and reflecting on the potential of future generations, I believe more than ever that Wyoming is in a position to develop solutions to global challenges. Those solutions will be rooted in our sense of place, our home, the things we hold dear. Wyoming will continue to be a place that unleashes the ambition and potential of her people.”

— Governor Mark Gordon


We were impressed with the vision Wyoming’s new governor laid out for our state when he took the oath of office on Monday, and heartily agree that the Equality State and its people can — and should — take advantage of our unique opportunities and talents to face the challenges of the modern world in a manner that others envy and emulate.

Wyoming’s inauguration really was a celebration of the tradition of peaceful transfer of power that is a hallmark of our nation and system of government, and it was undertaken in a spirit not seen at the national level anymore, but we are in danger of losing that if we don’t keep this legislative session in perspective.

For 99 percent of the people, 99 percent of the time, the decisions they make for themselves over the course of the next year will have a far greater impact on their happiness than any of the decisions made in Cheyenne. As such, while we encourage citizens to be engaged in those decisions and even express disappointment when they disagree with them, we hope the spirit of community displayed in Cheyenne this week isn’t replaced by the anger and animosity that is portrayed for us in the national political arena.

We believe part of the reason Mark Gordon won the governor’s election was because he was seen by many voters as a uniter, and we hope he can deliver on that promise. Judging from the mood in Cheyenne on Monday, there appears to be early buy-in from others in state government, and we urge those who have been entrusted to lead our state to rise to Gordon’s challenge. Shared victory requires shared sacrifice, and we encourage all involved with government at every level in Wyoming to focus on the team goal instead of their individual ones.

The state and its people are unique, and we should take the lead in finding solutions to the world’s problems. Our small population and wealth of resources make it possible for us to shun the non-productive political tactics employed across most of this country in favor of an honest effort to communicate with each other to make decisions that harness the collective talents and energy of Wyoming’s people. 

That’s how we can produce the greatest benefit for this state and its citizens.


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