UPDATE: Dogies cancel practice Thursday

Alexis Barker
School District announces player in testing protocol
No information yet on Friday game in Buffalo
UPDATE: A few hours after this story was released on the morning of September 3, 2020, Weston County School District #1 issued an updated press release revealing that a member of the Dogie football was in the COVID-19 testing protocol, and that practice had been cancelled for the second time this week. The release stressed heavily that the cancellation was strictly precautionary, and stated that notification would be given when practice could resume. There was no mention of whether or not today's news would have any impact on Friday night's varsity contest in Buffalo.
The following is the press release issued shortly before 5 p.m. on September 3 by Weston County School District #1:

Newcastle High School Football players have been instructed by the State Health Department to cancel practice on Thursday September 3, 2020.  At this time we have a player who is in the testing protocol for Covid 19.  Once we have more information available to us, we will notify every one of the next steps we will need to take before we can resume practice.   It needs to be stressed that this is only a precautionary procedure.  At this time we have NO ONE who has tested positive.  This is only a precautionary procedure. 

No further cancellations anticipated

(Ed. note: This is the story that was published prior to Thursday afternoon's announcement that practice had been cancelled.)
Dogie football practice and games will continue as normal, if possible, for Newcastle High School athletes after a potential coronavirus exposure scare during the first game of the season caused Tuesday practice to be canceled. 
Weston County School District No. 1 Superintendent Brad LaCroix announced Wednesday that no further cancellations or interruptions of practice or games are anticipated. LaCroix had reported earlier that the school was notified that a participant from the opposing football team had tested positive, and the district decided to cancel Tuesday’s practice, after an initial consultation with a Wyoming Department of Health official. 
LaCroix indicated that classes, as well as practice and games, would continue to be held because the Smart Start Plan was designed to decrease the likelihood of further transmission if a student or staff member is exposed to the virus. 
“As long as we are practicing the guidelines we put in place to start the school year, we really shouldn’t have to take any further measures to protect ourselves,” LaCroix said. “It has actually given us a good reminder of why it is important to follow that plan.” 
According to LaCroix, the district will continue to consult with health officials representing Weston County, Wyoming and South Dakota. The goal is to monitor the situation to determine if any players might have been exposed.  At this time, there is no evidence that any players had prolonged exposure to the positive player. 
Ron Laird with the Wyoming High School Athletic Association said that the protocol for potential exposure is just that. 
“As outlined in the posted guidelines, any exposure will be dealt with by the school district in conjunction with the local health officials,” Laird said in an email. 
Football players are encouraged to be extra vigilant as the multiple agencies continue to monitor the situation. LaCroix added that the athletes should pay close attention to their daily health assessments and practice social distancing, until more information becomes available. 

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