Shiver safely

Bob Bonnar

Regardless of your political beliefs, the next couple of weeks are going to put concerns about global warming are going to be the furthest thing from your mind in Weston County.

Immediately after being teased with thoughts of spring’s arrival by a brief window of weekend warmth, Monday marked the beginning of a two week stretch where it appears unlikely the temperature will rise above freezing.

Although we will likely have experienced the coldest of those days before you read this, we urge residents to respect the conditions and exercise caution to protect themselves and their loved ones from the late winter surge.

As we saw from the arctic vortex that locked up the midwest last week, extreme cold can be dangerous to humans and animals. Please make sure your homes and vehicles are well stocked for emergencies, and take a little time to check up on each other to make sure family, friends and neighbors are safe and warm.

We also encourage you to consider the hazards associated with traveling when winter’s icy grip has taken such a firm hold, and suggest everybody put a little more planning into the trips they do take to make sure they are prepared for breakdowns or other events that could keep them from reaching their destination and leave them out in the cold.

The first month of the year has already been marked by far too much tragedy on Wyoming’s highways, as 14 deaths were recorded in this state in January. That is far more than the five reported last year, or the three fatal accidents that occurred in 2017.

February is looking like a month when it is best to be safe and warm at home, but if you do have to venture away, please do so safely.


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