Others deserve recognition too


Others deserve recognition too

Dear Editor,

I can’t let go of the News Letter’s story of the Newcastle National Guards (Sept. 26 issue page 6 story Early history of Newcastle’s Guard unit) without mentioning three newcastle men that my husband, James Parrish, credited with much of the success of the unit during his long tenure with it. One of those three, Russell “Rusty” Currey, was mentioned in the story but the other two, John Dollison and Lloyd Reimer were not.

These three were Sgts. in the guards when Jim first joined as a teenager and their lessons, lectures and example had a positive influence on his growth in character in becoming a man and a solider.

Jim talked about them with affection and gratitude many times and could and did recite some of their standard lectures word for word as he had heard them often during his almost 20 years in the guards. It was their dedication which set him (and he hoped the other young recruits) on their journey to become men of honor and ability as members of the American Military.

Ardys Parrish

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