Messy Elections


Dear Editor,

To anyone paying “non-partisan” attention to national politics, it has become increasingly clear that our system of selecting a president is not appropriate. We would be far better off having all declared candidates depositing their names in a hat and having Helen Keller draw out the winning ticket.

George Washington, when he witnessed the birth and growth of the “political party” system lamented: “Well, there goes our government!” This political season certainly bears out his concern. Not only have we empowered the worst possible candidate but also made obvious that the electorate is incapable of making any reasoned decision. As it is, we might as well have stayed with the old “King and Serf” system in use about 1200 AD.

Do not try to make the excuse that, “Well, we didn’t have much to choose from.” That would be another shortcoming of our system! An old axiom dictates that, “If you don’t have a better idea, don’t berate the existing one. I will give it a try but only if you do too! Please, we should talk not shout.

— Jerry Baird

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