Hope we can be saved from the perfect storm


Dear Editor,

We have recently witnessed a perfect political storm that produced a profound change.  

If a substantial majority of the electorate had been happy with the way things were there would have been no big change. But, we finally got tired of being lied to and disparaged by the regular, mainline politicians from both parties.

Professional politicians of both parties don’t even bother to hide their purloining our cash and credit from us anymore. It is an intolerable insult up with which we will not put any longer.   

It is very unfortunate for both he and us that our default President knows so little about the job he is trying to fill. It is also so very unfortunate for the rest of the world, both east and west because we were an integral part of the world economic infrastructure.   

There does exist a small bi-partisan group of current and ex-politicians who are trying to find a way to straighten this mess out.  Not an easy task at best, impossible at worst.  At least there is some hope.

—Jerry Baird

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