Guardians at the gate

Bob Bonnar

As the Weston County Children’s Center kicks off its 50th Anniversary celebration during this “Week of the Young Child,” we ask our readers to reflect on how truly important the children’s center is to Weston County and take the time to thank those individuals who have chosen to make their contribution to the community by caring for our youngest children.

Generations of local children have been blessed by the patience, compassion, love and dedication of the professionals who continue to deliver high quality childcare at the facility, and their contributions to the lives and future success of our children have become even more important as families and schools have evolved into the 21st century.

Given the changes in modern education, teachers and caregivers at the children’s center are not only responsible for guarding our most precious treasures, they are also vitally important to ensuring that kids in Weston County are prepared to both begin school when their time comes, and also handle the rigorous expectations placed on kindergarten and first grade students.

Early childhood care and education have never been as important in our society as they are right now, and we applaud Governor Gordon for placing greater significance on this “Week of the Young Child” than his predecessors. 

When it comes to politics, talks about how much government should be involved in providing care  and education to our youngest children are often difficult and unpleasant because conversations involving ideology and money are usually unpleasant. But when it comes to the people who deliver those services in our community, let’s take this week and simply honor and thank them. 


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