Differences Between Jewelry Tumblers and Vibratory Finishers

Differences Between Jewelry Tumblers and Vibratory Finishers

Both jewelry tumblers and vibratory finishers have very similar tasks, as they both finish products. However, tumblers themselves are typically reserved for deburring mechanical parts where finishers shine and polish. Here are the differences between jewelry tumblers and vibratory finishers to further clarify their specific job scopes.

Tumble Finishing That Smooths
This type of finishing requires a long duration to get the desired results. Mainly used for deburring and smoothing edges, tumblers are a less complex piece of machinery, meaning that they are less expensive than their counterparts in vibratory finishing. They act by dropping larger media on top of whatever is being finished in a wave-like fashion from the top-down. Simultaneously, the barrel rotates the medium upward before it falls, and does so in circulation for a long duration.

Vibratory Finishing That Polishes
Similar to the tumbling aspect, with a vibratory finishing machine, the parts and the media are all placed in the vibratory bowl with water and a compound to help with polishing as they vibrate at a steady rate. The process usually works out to finish much faster than using a tumbler, which is why many people lean toward vibratory finishing.

Jewelry Tumblers on the Forefront
These devices have the best of both worlds as they work to finish jewelry and have a high-grade polish that can be finished in a very short amount of time. The only downside is that like most tumblers, they typically come in small batches because they are made to produce finishes on jewelry. So, for larger loads, a jewelry tumbler may not be as effective as a vibratory finisher. However, you can batch loads and save yourself both time and effort by creating a more effective and efficient mechanism.
Both methods of finishing products seem to have their strengths and weaknesses. Tumblers have fewer parts and are much smaller, making them the choice of those individuals looking to save some money while making an investment that will yield a profit. On the other hand, vibratory finishing can produce massive amounts of product at a high quality.
Jewelry tumblers seem to have all the greatest qualities, making them ideal for any finishing job. These are only some of the differences between jewelry tumblers and vibratory finishers so that you can know how to better invest in your industrial finishing business.


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