Berger joins Powell law firm

Alexis Barker

Berger joins Powell law firm

Alexis Barker

NLJ News Editor


Weston County Attorney Alex Berger has signed on to be an associate at the Powell law firm of Copenhaver, Kath, Kitchen and  Kolpitcke.

Berger, a Campbell County resident, fought his way on to the ballot in 2018 and ultimately beat out former CountyAttorney William Curley. 

Despite being from another county, Berger said at the time that he was dedicated to Weston County and would consider relocating to the county but that his overall goal was to recruit at least one other attorney to the county and have that attorney eventually run for the position.

“I am hopefully training my replacement,” Berger told the News Letter Journal in an interview on Thursday. “I do not have the intention of running again, although you never know what the future could bring.”

Berger hired Mike Stulken as deputy county attorney as well as a replacement to himself at the now Stulken and Brown law firm in Gillette, formerly known as Berger and Brown, and said he has hopes that Stulken, the now Newcastle city attorney, will run for county attorney in another two years. 

“If Stulken was to quit before my term is up, I would consider running again. I do feel a responsibility to make sure what I said I wanted to happen, happens, to have an attorney that lives in Weston County as the Weston County attorney. That is my intention, and we are well on the way,” Berger said. 

Meanwhile, Berger said, his job at the firm in Powell is part time and he will be working remotely. In other words, Berger will remain a Campbell County resident while continuing to be employed in both Weston and Park counties. 

“My primary focus is being the Weston County attorney and that is not going to change,” Berger said. “This position (in Powell) provides me more opportunity to be physically in Weston County.” 

Berger noted that although the Powell Tribune stated that he and his family “wanted to move out that way,” that is simply not the case. He laughed before adding that he has also considered moving to Hawaii. 

“I want you to know, I want the readers to know, I want the public to know, that my main commitment in my career is to Weston County,” Berger said. “If I get a call at midnight, it’s going to be for Weston County, for my duties here.” 

Berger credits the COVID situation with his opportunity to work with the Powell law firm while still residing in Gillette. The switch to virtual hearings has allowed court proceedings to take place, even during a pandemic, he said. 


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