Arguing with idiots


Dear Editor,

A wise person told me, “There ’s no ifs, and or buts, Don’t ever argue with a bunch of idiots. Cause they will never make a concession, And abandon their ignorance, their most prized possession”

The repeating of past mistakes, expecting different results, Are actions practiced by members of the insane cults, This includes those Stalinists who have the view, That repeating a lie enough times somehow makes it true.

It won’t do any good to have a lengthy quarrel, With someone who thinks that a wall is immoral, While at the same time cheering for infanticide, An action with which the Devil would abide.

“Rules for Radicals” serves as many an idiot’s Bible, And encourages them to spread slander and libel. Arguing with idiots will bring about great frustration, If you try and convince them Socialism wouldn’t be good for our Nation.

Though it has failed every single time it’s been tried, Millions have suffered and others have died. Man is to blame for climate change, it’s settled science we’ve been told, And it’s because of global warming that we’re now having record cold?

The well meaning passion to set people right is truly an affliction, Unfortunately there is no cure for folks with that addiction!   

—Jim Darlington

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