4 Most Common Causes for Car Accidents in the Summer

4 Most Common Causes for Car Accidents in the Summer

The summer is an excellent time to travel on road trips and see new places, but it’s unfortunately also a time when car accidents are more frequent. Stay safe on the road by learning the most common causes of car accidents in the summer to be prepared while on your next summer road trip.

More Drivers on the Road
One of the most common causes of car accidents during the summer is that there are more drivers and cars on the road than in other months. Especially if you live in a summer tourist town, you know that the streets get more crowded when the weather warms up, which naturally leads to more collisions.
Also, with the summer school break, there are more younger drivers on the road during the day. Young drivers aren’t inherently dangerous drivers, but most haven’t driven enough to develop capable defensive driving skills.

More Construction Zones
There’s an old joke for residents of northern states and colder climates that there are two seasons: winter and construction. In many parts of the country, road construction is possible only during the summer, so when the temperatures rise, road construction zones pop up everywhere.
More construction zones mean more changed routes, hazardous driving conditions, and increased traffic. All of these factors lead to an increase in accidents and collisions.

When in a construction zone, reduce speed and increase the distance between you and the car in front of you.

More Motorbikes
Motorcycles aren’t inherently more dangerous, but they’re more likely to be involved in an accident than a standard car. Plus, motorbikes are more prevalent in the summer, especially in northern regions.
Many motorcyclists wait all year for summer to break out the motorbike and ride it as often as possible. That’s not to say all motorbike owners are reckless, but regular drivers aren’t used to looking out for them and driving alongside them, leading to accidents.

If you’re riding a motorbike, wear bright and noticeable clothing to be as visible to other drivers as possible.

Severe Weather and Temperatures
The temperature and weather of summer also affect driver safety. In the dog days of summer, the road’s pavement can heat up, thereby heating your tires, increasing the air pressure, and increasing the likelihood of a blowout.
The hotter temperatures also affect the mechanics of a car, especially the fluids. Neglecting the car’s fluids is one of the most common maintenance mistakes drivers make, and they’re even more typical in the warm summer months.
There are many causes of car accidents in the summer, but you can avoid them with careful focus and maintenance. Make sure you top off your vehicle’s fluids, slow down in construction zones, and watch out for more cars and motorbikes on the road.


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