11.14.19 City Council Minutes

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Mayor Debra Piana called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Piana; Council members Tom Voss, Don Steveson, Pam Gualtieri, Ann McColley and Michael Alexander.  Also present were Department Heads City Police Chief Jim Owens, City Engineer Mike Moore, City Attorney Jim Peck and City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James.  Councilman Roger Hespe was absent. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Don Steveson moved, seconded Tom Voss to approve the agenda as amended, adding application for a twenty-four (24) hour catering permit under written business.  Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Michael Alexander moved, seconded Ann McColley to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Monday October 21, 2019 as presented. 
Motion carried.


Bomgaars for establishing their business
in Newcastle.

Sandra Martin and the Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring and organizing the Halloween Trunk or Treat on
Main Street.



Tom Voss moved, seconded Don Steveson to declare Pinnacle Bank in Newcastle as a
depository of public funds.  Motion carried.

Twenty-four (24) hour catering permit for Cap N Bottle for the Festival of Trees, one day only from Friday, December 6 at 9:00 a.m. to Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the Weston County Senior Center.  Michael Alexander moved, seconded Pam Gualtieri to approve this request.  Motion carried.


Andy McKay, Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce Director reported on events at the Chamber; a number of open houses, the Trunk or Treat activity, holiday crafts at the Manor, Girl’s Night Out at Frontier Home Ranch & Hardware, and the up-coming lighted
Christmas parade.



City Attorney Jim Peck noted continued work on the sub-division ordinances.

City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James noted the annual audit will be the week of November 18.

City Engineer Mike Moore recommended hiring Mr. Chet Smith as a laborer. Tom Voss moved, Don Steveson seconded for purposes of discussion to approve this.  After brief
discussion and vote, the motion failed.  Mr. Moore introduced Adam McFarlin, the new Building Inspector to the Mayor and Council. Mr. Moore noted continued work in clearing drainages, and repairing water line breaks.  Mr. Moore met with consultants regarding the closure permit for landfill #2.

City Police Chief Jim Owens  reported on calls for service in October.  Chief Owens
recommended a $0.50 per hour raise for Dispatcher Jane Woods for achieving her Basic Dispatch Certification effective November 3, 2019.  Tom Voss moved, seconded Michael Alexander to approve this request.  Motion carried.  Chief Owens then recommended a $0.50 per hour raise for Officer Sam Keller for achieving the Firearms Instructor Certificate, effective November 4, 2019.  Michael Alexander moved, seconded Tom Voss to approve this request.  Motion carried.  Chief Owens said one of the new Tahoe’s was involved in an
accident, an officer going to the Academy hit a deer, but the vehicle was drivable and not
significantly damaged.



CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY: Don Steveson moved, seconded Ann McColley to pay the claims against the City dated November 4, 2019.  Motion carried.  Michael Alexander moved, seconded Tom Voss to go into Executive Session regarding personnel at 7:27 p.m. Motion carried.  Tom Voss moved, seconded Don Steveson to return to regular session at 7:55 p.m.  Motion carried.  City Engineer Mike Moore corrected a previous comment that seemed to indicate a shop employee had “been let go”.  The correction is that Shawna Holwell resigned her position with the City.

Ann McColley moved, seconded Michael Alexander to adjourn this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 7:59 p.m.  Meeting adjourned.

Claims: Ad-Pro Office Supply, office supplies, $374.13; Advanced Drug Testing, Inc., DOT testing, $26.00; Christa Ault, water deposit refund, $100.00; Bearlodge Engineering & Surveying, CADD work, $340.00; Black Hills Energy, electric service, $11,336.93; Black Hills Plumbing & Supply, Freon removal, $176.00; Bryan & Manda Buck, water deposit refund, $7.74; Butler Machinery Co., parts, $8,314.40; Cambria Supply, materials/supplies, $2,948.39; Century Link, E-911 data service, $1024.88; City of Newcastle, WA/SW/GA—office/rec/PD/FD, $1079.53; CNA Surety, position bond & notary bond, $150.00; Leanne Cox, reimburse computer parts, $278.76; Dale’s Tire & Retreading, Inc., Bobcat tires/new tires, $1101.56; R. Douglas Dumbrill, November 2019 municipal judge, $1076.30; Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, FD pump tests, $2245.64; Engineering Associates, Well #5 work, $8353.69; Ferguson Waterworks, meters & equipment, $45,452.15; Fired Up Rescue, name patches, $116.00; Frontier Home Ranch & Hardware, supplies/materials, $3133.34; Alejandro German, water deposit refund, $32.41; Robert Hartley, building inspections, $4900.00; Shannon Hatheway, water deposit refund, $72.45; Kalyn Houser, water deposit refund, $29.31; Limestone Services, LLC, repair fence, $250.00; Mastercard, fuel purchases/travel & training/supplies, $2781.94; Modern Marketing, Inc., sanitary wipes, PD, $1050.93; Mountain View Plumbing & Contracting, replace water meter, $223.00; Newcastle Volunteer Fire Dept., FD pension& cleaning, $5400.00; Newman Traffic Signs, parade signs, $369.79; James M. Peck November 2019 attorney fee, $2800.00; Jack Powell, water deposit refund, $94.07; RENEW Enterprises, water deposit refund, $70.46; Genell Rothleutner, PD cleaning, $200.00; RT Communications, City share phones, $333.76; RT Communications, Inc., City phone service, $1009.94; Salt Creek Water District, sewer service, $555.00; Bryand Streeter, November 2019 airport wages, $1158.75; Team Laboratory Chemical, LLC, root killer, $983.50; Top Office Products, Inc., PD copy charge, $156.05; Trugreen Chemlawn, FD fertilizer, $108.75; Becky Vodopich, city office cleaning, $300.00; Voice Products Service, LLC, E-911 service contract, $18,420.00; Weston County Treasurer, tax handling charge/city share heat/lights/water/phone, $1071.68; Rudy Wineteer, water deposit refund, $200.00; David Wrape, water deposit refund, $103.24; Wyoming Conference of Building Officials, membership, $50.00; Wyoming Office State Lands & Investments, water tank and water line loan payments, $13,489.99. 


Deb Piana, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Greg James


(Publish November 14, 2019)


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